Castellani Estates

Over 210 hectares of landed estates in Tuscany

Around 210 hectares of own properties

Each vineyard has its own cellar to allow immediate pressing, vinification and refinement according to the best traditional methods.

Moving from the coast to the hearth of Chianti through our Estates

Tenuta di Ceppaiano

The Ceppaiano Estate was born in 2005 with its prevalence of alluvial sands on foothill heights overlooking  the coast.

Poggio al Casone

The Poggio al Casone vineyard is located on the first hills overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea in the municipality of Crespina, an ancient castle in the province of Pisa.

Tenuta di Burchino

The Burchino Estate covers approximately 37 hectares in the village of Terricciola, one of the best areas on the Pisan hills, in the Chianti area.

Tenuta di Campomaggio

The Campomaggio Estate covers 27 hectares in one of the best areas of Chianti Classico on soils characterized by the dominance of limestone, Galestro and Alberese.

Fattoria di Travalda

In the ancient Travalda estate, name dating back to Roman times, is located the headquarter of the Castellani winery and the vineyard that bears the name of the “Bordelaise blend”.

Fattoria di Santa Lucia

The vineyard of Santa Lucia Estate is located about 100m above sea level between the Valleys of the rivers Arno and Era, on ancient rain-fed soil consisting of layers of tufaceous sands and gravel.

The Soul Of Wine

We aim to grasp the deep sense of wine, first of all as a combination of efforts, hopes, emotions and traditions.

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