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  • Castellani Chianti Riserva 2013 seduces Bordeaux

    It will represent the Chianti appellation on the wine list of the Cité du Vin.

    Our Castellani Chianti Riserva 2013 has gained a prestigious position in the wine list of the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux where it will be the only representative of its appellation (Chianti DOCG). The wine has been selected by Andreas Larsson (world champion sommelier), supported by a tasting committee chaired by Michel Rolland, to realize the selection of wines that will be sold at the Enoteca, in the Wine Boutique and in the Cité Panoramic restaurant, which will be inaugurated on May 31st 2016 in the presence of the President of the French Republic Francois Hollande.



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  • Ceppaiano "Violetta" and "Alle Viole"

    ...wines that put in high spirits!

    Continues the success of public for the wines of the Ceppaiano estates at Le Bar à Vins of Pietrasanta in Versilia, a place where you can do "wine and food therapy" based on traditional dishes, organic wines and artisanal beer. Here already during the summer "Violetta" and "Alle Viole" IGT have had such a great success with the public that one evening the owners have decided to take some nice pictures of the customers with the bottle in hand. And this series of pictures has already been published on the site. But, given that the "great success" has continued even during the month of September, the game of the owners has been repeated and was taken a new gallery of photos which we'll show you in a collage. From the faces it seems that these wines put in high spirits!


    Recall that Le Bar à Vins is also the exclusive place where you can buy the Ceppaiano wines in the Versilia area. This is in Pietrasanta, Via Barsanti 4. For info: 0584 631120 or 339 5747541 Email: info@lebaravins.it


    Official facebook page www.facebook.com/LeBarAVinsPietrasanta


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  • Ceppaiano conquers Versilia

    Our wines protagonists of summer 2013.

    Our wines have been the protagonists in the coastal area of Tuscany, a cult of worldliness, being loved by enthusiasts in three events during the summer 2013. Next appointment on August 30th at Viennaluce restaurant of Le Focette in Marina di Pietrasanta during which the painter from Florence Elisabetta Rogai will create live a work of art using the red wines of Ceppaiano instead of colors.



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  • Violetta IGT... very enthusiast!

    They are many, immortalized in the photo shoots at Le Bar à Vins of Pietrasanta.

    Le Bar à Vins of Pietrasanta (Lucca) is an "anti-depressive" wine bar as the owners call it, a place where you can make a real "wine and food therapy" tasting great traditional dishes, organic wines, artisanal beer. And here our Ceppaiano Violetta IGT is really appreciated as seen in a series of nice pictures.



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  • The Chianti Sup. of Burchino is in paradise...

    It has arrived in Vanuatu, on an island right at the end of the world.

    We are talking about the beautiful archipelago of Vanuatu located in the South Pacific where, at Havannah Harbour on the coasts of lush vegetation of the island of Efate, has been recently inaugurated the Italian restaurant Shanti Havannah Francesca's "Eat, Pray, Love". And it is precisely here, in this terrestrial paradise, on the tables of this unique place, that can be sipped our Chianti Superiore DOCG Tenuta di Burchino enjoying a fabulous seafront view, cuddled by a constant and pleasant sea breeze.



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Special : Awards

Tenuta Santa Lucia

The vineyard of Santa Lucia Estate is located about 100m above sea level at the intersection of the Arno and the Era Valleys on ancient downspouts land consisting of layers of tufaceous sands and gravel; a land which reveals at times the meeting between the river and the sea, which is now located about 25 kilometers to the west, also rich in stone and fossil shells.



Focus on : Wine

Violetta Toscana IGT - Ceppaiano

Dark and intense ruby red colour. Bouquet, complex, with multiple layers of primary fruity aromas of wild roses, cherries, mint, cassis and licorice. Secondary aromas of resin, oak, leather and toasted sweet coffee. Intriguing taste mixing sweet flavour of white chocolate, vanilla and cedar on a buttery bed of oak verticalized by a gentle acidity. Long finish. Wonderful Sangiovese-Cabernet blend, Brunello style.



Spot : Art

Il Trionfo di Bacco, Tangus Dei, Prabhat... wine is music

Il Trionfo di Bacco an exclusive music research we have made with our friends of the Concerto Armonico. We discovered and recorded ancient compositions with wine theme. Tangus Dei, combining a musical journey with high quality wine. Prabhat cd comes from the recording of a meeting; two Europeans and three Asians, musicians from Italy and Nepal, had a jam session in a studio in Tuscany.




An insect which had gone missing…

From the early '900 it hadn't been seen. The only specimen observed and captured until today is in the entomological collection of the University of St. Petersburg and dates back to 1903. It is a tiny insect of the order "Hymenoptera", belonging to the family Braconidae. To be precise, the scientific name of this microscopic animal is Ecclitura primoris Kokujev (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Euphorinae).





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