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Tenuta di Poggio al Casone 

The Poggio al Casone vineyard is located on the first hills overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea in the municipality of Crespina, an ancient castle in the province of Pisa. In the heart of the vineyards are located the main villa and the old houses built during the Leopoldina era (circa 1800) and recently restored respecting their history, now set of the wine experimentation centre of the Castellani Family and of a renowned resort farmhouse. The vineyards cover about 27 hectares of alluvial soils consisting of tufaceous sands alternating with layers of gravel from river result of repeated flooding of the mouth of Arno river. The location of the vineyard at the confluence of the Arno valley and the plains overlooking the sea, is one of the elements that makes the area particularly vocated to the production of quality wines, thanks to the deep and draining soils, sea breezes and intense brightness. The entire vineyard has been subject of repeated renovations in the 60s by engineer Sarti, inventor of the Vespa engine, and then by the Castellani Family who, since 1995 - year of the acquisition - has turned the estate into one of the most famous ones of coastal Chianti. The Poggio al Casone estate hosts the experimental vineyards of the University of Pisa dedicated to the research and preservation of local varieties.



PRODUCTION: 200.000 bottles

SOIL: sandy, toufaceus, rich in river pebbles

GRAPE VARIETIES: 70% Sangiovese ,10% Teroldego ,10% Syrah, 10% local

FIRST WINE: "Grand Noir" Toscana IGT

OTHER WINES: Chianti Superiore DOCG, Toscana IGT

COLTIVATION: organic certified




Castellani recommends...

  • Toscana IGT - Poggio al Casone

    Our wine Toscana "Casone" is produced with Sangiovese and Syrah grapes, attentively harvested by hand and selected to give birth to this “Supertuscan”wine. Colour, deep ruby red. Bouquet, intense notes of strawberries and white pepper, laying on a texture of balsamic notes, eucalyptus and mint. The refinement in barrique favours the integration of the aromas giving a pleasant final touch of wood and leather.



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  • Grand Noir Toscana IGT - Poggio al Casone

    Today this type of vine created in 1885, almost disappeared, thanks to a research of Castellani lasted more than 15 years in collaboration with the University of Pisa, began to grow in Poggio al Casone hills. Intense ruby red color with purple reflections. Bouquet, very fruity on the nose with hints of strawberry and wild dark fruits. Taste, very spicy and complex with elegant nuances of black pepper and Mediterranean balsamic herbs, light refreshing body with velvety texture.



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  • Chianti Superiore DOCG - Poggio al Casone

    This great classic is born from a selection of the best Sangiovese and Canaiolo organic grapes from Poggio al Casone vineyard. Vivacious ruby red colour tending to garnet with ageing. Intense and characteristic bouquet, fruity with violet notes. Taste, round and fruity taste balanced by ageing in traditional cask. Super ripe fruitiness and a soft easy-feel taste are the characteristics of our Chianti Superiore.



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  • Toscana IGT - La Cattura Poggio al Casone

    This wine, whose name has been inspired by the annual capture of wild hares bred in the natural setting of the vineyards, is the expression of an organic agriculture that has renounced to any product or procedure damaging nature, rediscovering the great values of an antique wine-growing process. Purple red colour. Bouquet, notes of red berries, blackberries and hints of white pepper. Taste, medium-bodied, fresh, velvety with well integrated tannins.



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  • Chianti Riserva DOCG - Poggio al Casone

    Our Riserva is produced in the best vintages with a selection of Sangiovese grapes produced in Poggio al Casone Estate. Bright ruby red colour. Intense and characteristic bouquet, fruity with violet notes. Taste, dry and harmonious with notes of dark chocolate and black cherries.



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