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Special : Awards

Tenuta di Campomaggio

The Campomaggio Estate covers 27 hectares in one of the best areas of Chianti Classico on soils characterized by the dominance of limestone, Galestro and Alberese. The history of the estate dates back to around 1700 when the manor house and the rural village overlooking the entire vineyard were built.



Focus on : Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon delle Venezie IGT - Principesco

It is made following the traditional vinification method. Colour, ruby red colour with purple reflections. Intense and distinctive bouquet, with violet and black berry fragrance. Taste, filled with soft, plummy red fruit set up by light tannins. Perfect companion of all the traditional pasta dishes, grilled pork and stuffed meat rolls.



Spot : Art

Cippi Pitschen

CHIANTI - We look at wine flowing into a goblet, we see the film it leaves on the glass, we smell its fragrances, some near and pungent, others that seem to come from afar and to carry within themselves perfumes of fruits and spices, we are rapt in its hues of jewels and blood, and we drink it, we savour it, we appreciate it, we toast with it, we make it the occasion for togetherness and smiles, but very seldom we pause to think how that magic liquid, closed in a bottle in front of us, came to be.




Biological control in the vineyards

Mating disruption as a method to stop the action of an insect that is very damaging to grapes: the grape berry moth. Andrea Lucchi, entomologist, professor at the University of Pisa, studied for a long time the way to fight pests.





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