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Press release 

  • Burchino, a Chianti of "Diamond"

    First place overall in the Pisa area

    The jury of "Festival del Chianti", divided into three committees of taste has declared the victory with unique opinion of our wine as the best Chianti in the province of Pisa. A great opportunity because the quality of the wines in the competition was very good and growing steadily, just as you would expect from this area, particularly suited to Sangiovese.



    2014, Jul 15 · Press release ·  Share

  • Works of art for precious bottles

    The Burchino Novello 2012 among them.

    "True works of art to celebrate precious bottles. In any case, the label must be a strong attraction and make the product recognizable and easy to remember. It must also be able to convey the passion behind the creation of a new wine." (cit.) In addition to labels of great value also that of Burchino Novello to give prestige to our work that also through this wine remains in constant contact with the art. Art highly regarded by all of us, inspiration and companion of our journey.



    2013, Jan 22 · Press release ·  Share

  • Welcome Novello!

    From the magazine "Oggi Cucino"

    The monthly magazine Oggi Cucino in the November issue inserts our Novello Toscana IGT Burchino with others in an article dedicated to this kind of wines available for sale from October 30.



    2012, Nov 12 · Press release ·  Share

  • Toast to the "ecoefficiente" award

    For us the environment is an heritage that must be protected even in the work of every day

    The award recognizes the activities of a winery becoming increasingly attentive to the environment, as well as to the quality of its products. Among other things, the Castellani is the only winery in the province of Pisa to be awarded this year for the reporting of good practices in the Toscana Ecoefficiente award.



    2012, May 31 · Press release ·  Share

  • When a company becomes ecosustainable

    Article from the daily newspaper "Il Tirreno" dedicated to an important recognition for a winery that invests for environmental sustainability. The Castellani winery received the reporting of good practices and the logo by the Regione Toscana in the Toscana Ecoefficiente award.



    2012, May 30 · Press release ·  Share

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Special : Awards

Tenuta di Campomaggio

The Campomaggio Estate covers 27 hectares in one of the best areas of Chianti Classico on soils characterized by the dominance of limestone, Galestro and Alberese. The history of the estate dates back to around 1700 when the manor house and the rural village overlooking the entire vineyard were built.



Focus on : Wine

Chianti Classico DOCG - Campomaggio

This Chianti Classico has been obtained by a selection of the grapes growing on our 27 hectares Campomaggio vineyard. Ruby red colour tending to garnet with ageing. Bouquet, lot of ripe red and black fruits with balsamic overtones. Taste, full-bodied, with a very smooth palate, silky tannins and round finish with a long fruity dominance.



Spot : Art

Alessandro Puccinelli

"In the harvest series of pictures, series commissioned for a particular occasion, the beauty is inside things…. the eye is only picking up this passionate moment, the flow of the events, the passion in presence of beauty, energy of nature, energy of the heart." From "Vino Italiano" by Joseph Bastian and David Lynch




An insect which had gone missing…

From the early '900 it hadn't been seen. The only specimen observed and captured until today is in the entomological collection of the University of St. Petersburg and dates back to 1903. It is a tiny insect of the order "Hymenoptera", belonging to the family Braconidae. To be precise, the scientific name of this microscopic animal is Ecclitura primoris Kokujev (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Euphorinae).





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