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Concepts for wines expression.

"Since 1903 my family has been exporting its own finest Estate wines from Tuscany. We have changed and evolved over the decades, but throughout the years the philosophy of our work has remained consistent: "The quality of the wine begins in the vineyard", as my ancestors used to say. Today, as we enter this century our aim and aspiration is what it has always been: to create memorable wines. This is the reason why our work during the last ten years has been so passionate, investing in research and new cellar technologies."


Piergiorgio Castellani Jr - The latest generation. Piergiorgio, after graduating from Pisa University, got involved in the company and is now responsible of the Agricultural and Winemaking Department.


During the past 25 years we have been untiringly working in our Estates for vineyard selection, to ensure the best soil types, microclimates and  light exposure. Sophisticated enological techniques and intensive research on different clones have allowed us to celebrate authentic and true productions of the great Tuscan vines, such as the Sangiovese, and also to explore and introduce new local clones that will contribute to the launch of innovative wines and to the evolution of wine making in Tuscany.


Pier Giorgio Castellani Sr - Expert wine-connoisseur and initiator of Castellani expansion phase, continues to provide the financial and production policy guidelines.


"In addition to viticulture practice, ageing is a key part of the quality improvement of our top wines. We use a combination of both French and American oaks depending on the grape varietal, which also influences how long the wine will spend in barrels, in consideration of the kind of wine from each particular vintage.  Before bottling, the wine from each barrel is tasted for selection to obtain the final blend.  Minimal filtration and additional ageing in the bottle are the final steps to ensure maximum quality."


Roberto Castellani - Directly contributed to the improvement and boost of the distribution of Castellani wines throughout the world, and is now Sales and Marketing Director.



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