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  • The 2015 Harvest in Castellani Tuscan estates

    The report

    The elements which characterized this year in Tuscany were a winter full of rain and a mild spring with good water reserves; bud break began early compared to last year, as well as the flowering began after the middle of May, which was followed by an excellent fruit setting.

    The extremely hot summer has been crucial:   temperatures higher than normal and low rainfall for a rather extended period, both conditions that allowed a very positive trend of grapes ripening and the storing of aromatic and polyphenolic substances. The climatic conditions counteracted the onset of major diseases of the vine: the vineyards have therefore enjoyed an  unusual health, the bunches appear very healthy. After mid-August the situation changed again with providential rainfall and the consequent drop in temperatures that re-established the ideal conditions for the remaining cycle of the vine, bringing the turgidity in the grapes at optimal conditions.

    September ran with favourable climate, effective in consolidating quality.

    In the farms owned by the Castellani family the harvest began 10 days later than usual:  it started on 2nd September with Merlot in the Travalda Estate and ended on 9th October in the Campomaggio Estate. Low rainfall during the harvest contributed to the excellent health of the grapes harvested at their full ripeness.

    In our Estates the handpicking and the further selection of grapes are giving good results in vinification.

    2015 proves to be an excellent vintage, distinguished by superb quality of the grapes, mainly for Sangiovese that could express its best thanks to perfect vegetative and ripening stages.


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  • Harvest 2014 @ Castellani estates

    It's "crush" time!

    After a summer complicated by the season, our harvest this year begins.

    In this period, the site has added a special diary of harvest, in the right column, in order to present updates of the works that follow one another in the various estates. Wednesday, September 3rd, the first day in the vineyards of Ceppaiano.


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  • September, month of harvest

    A team and heart work.

    September is truly a busy month. The countryside invaded by the smells of must, tractors in the dirt roads, people who work intensively in the vineyards, scissors cut off the clusters, buckets filled up, emptied and filled up again. The black beans and the white beans...



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  • 2013, it’s “crush” time!

    We are almost at the start&go.

    These days we are in turmoil. We are running all over in our vineyards tasting grapes to check the status of maturation.

    We are close to the harvest, we are almost at the start&go which will see many hands at work and many buckets filled with bunches.

    The Merlot and Syrah will be the first to activate the crushing machines, then follow the Ciliegiolo and all the other...until the Sangiovese grape.

    A pleasant “intermezzo” will consist of aromatic white grapes, Riesling and Traminer of the Ceppaiano vineyard.

    As a result of our checks we can affirm that the health status of the grapes looks great, the quantity is naturally selected from the cold spring 2013.

    So now we just have to start... It’s “crush” time!


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  • La Cattura, ancient tradition and respect for the environment

    The animals are not killed, after checking the state of health they are liberated

    An article in the newspaper "Il Tirreno" talks about. Hunting for repopulating, this is the purpose of "La Cattura" (the capture), the event which takes place every year on the second Saturday of the month of February, in the Poggio al Casone company owned by the Castellani family. Basically, it's a hare hunting done in a sustainable way, in the sense that the hare is not killed. In fact, the purpose of the day is to capture animals for verification of their state of health and placed back on the free territory.



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Special : Awards

Tenuta di Poggio al Casone

The Poggio al Casone vineyard is located on the first hills overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea in the municipality of Crespina, an ancient castle in the province of Pisa. In the heart of the vineyards are located the main villa and the old houses built during the Leopoldina era (circa 1800) and recently restored respecting their history, now set of the wine experimentation centre of the Castellani Family and of a renowned resort farmhouse.



Focus on : Wine

Merlot delle Venezie IGT - Principesco

We select our Merlot in the production area of Colli Euganei, in Veneto region, one of the most interesting Italian cru for this popular International varietals. Deep ruby red colour. Bouquet, wonderfully herbaceous, fruity bouquet of black berries and plums. Taste, velvety and harmonious with round texture and soft tannins.



Spot : Art

New artistic look for Novello 2013

Waiting for our Burchino Novello Toscana IGT 2013, in October, in meantime we present the exclusive label. This year, the artist who "dresses" our Novello 2013 of Burchino Estate is (nothing less than!) Ugo Nespolo. Painter and sculptor of international fame, multi-talented artist, designer, illustrator, bibliophile, filmmaker, Nespolo is one of the masters of contemporary art in the world.




Sustainability and innovative packaging

A fresh vintage red with fruity characteristics that goes well with Mediterranean cuisine. The novelty of the "Toscano" is in the packaging that uses an original and innovative solution "twist to open" which is called HELIX™, the ideal solution for an organic wine bottling, focusing on sustainability and reduction of energy and CO².





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