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Castellani & Friends 

Castellani, beautiful moments with Friends.

  • Danish Frederiksborg High School

    Course of biotechnology.

    A big “Ciao and Arrivederci!” to the Danish Frederiksborg High School and the course of biotechnology that every year we host in our Estates. A special thanks to Professor Cecilia Bjorkman, careful and valuable guide for her students.

    Here is her message: "Dear Piergiorgio, thank you so much for taking us in and giving us a most interesting and informative tour. Our class were really enthusiastic, it was a very good experience for them. Kind regards, Cecilia"


    2013, Mar 29 · Castellani & Friends ·  Share

  • Hartwick College visit

    Course of Business & Marketing.

    Our company has always been attentive to the cultural and educational issues. For years we have collaborated with many universities and starting from 2 years ago, we have the honor of hosting the Tuscan stage of the course of Business & Marketing of the Hartwick College. We take this opportunity to publically thank this prestigious institute and professor Vennero, tireless and enthusiastic teacher that in these days wrote this e-mail about it...



    2013, Mar 06 · Castellani & Friends ·  Share

  • Giancarlo Giannini

    Giancarlo Giannini with Piergiorgio Castellani and his wife Chiara, while sipping our wine in the beautiful setting of Poggio al Casone.


    2012, Jun 11 · Castellani & Friends ·  Share

  • The Palermo family

    Here's the picture from a reportage about the Palermo Family of the Restaurant "Amici & Famiglia" from den Bosch (Netherlands).

    Of course they have a bottle of Chianti Classico Campomaggio in hand!


    2012, Jan 10 · Castellani & Friends ·  Share

  • Prof. Scalabrelli

    Prof. Scalabrelli is so in love with our wines that when he came to visit us he danced with a grape!


    2011, Apr 05 · Castellani & Friends ·  Share

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Special : Awards

Tenuta di Ceppaiano

The Ceppaiano Estate was born in 2005. Initially conceived as an extension of the Poggio al Casone vineyards and location of the new winery, it afterwards becomes an independent estate as a result of subsequent land acquisitions that differ from those of Poggio al Casone for the prevalence of alluvial sands arranged on foothill heights overlooking the coast.



Focus on : Wine

Chianti Classico DOCG - Campomaggio

This Chianti Classico has been obtained by a selection of the grapes growing on our 27 hectares Campomaggio vineyard. Ruby red colour tending to garnet with ageing. Bouquet, lot of ripe red and black fruits with balsamic overtones. Taste, full-bodied, with a very smooth palate, silky tannins and round finish with a long fruity dominance.



Spot : Art

Not only creativity, but good living

«What is Materia Prima? A life philosophy based on the concept that creativity must be transformed into health and natural food, our raw material (in Italian materia prima), will be the gold of the future. An ambitious project aims to relate the ideas with a new way of living close to nature and sustainable crop production where the expectation and attention become a new dimension of knowledge».




Meeting on good practices in waste management

January 22, 2011 at Tenuta Poggio al casone, Crespina (Pisa) was a study meeting on best practices for waste management. The day devoted to the study of good practices of waste management which saw the participation of important personalities of national and international level. The large number of visitors has shown a strong interest in this type of issue.





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