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  • Italy, vintage 2014 report

    Edited by Assoenologi.

    In Italy the Assoenologi (Italian official association of professional oenologists) estimates a total production of 40 million hectoliters of wine for the vintage 2014.  A quantity reduction by 17% compared to last year, which registered a production of 48.2 million hectoliters (Istat data), and by 11% when referring to the average of the past five years (2009-2013) - with 2011 and 2012 vintages that have been the scarcest of the past 50 years. Overall, 2014 was a difficult year with  various critical conditions and Assoenologi estimates  that there will be very few excellences. The positive weather trend in September and October has improved the quality but could not turn the situation around. According to Assoenologi Veneto region remains the more productive Italian region with a forecast of 7.8 million hectoliters. Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Puglia and Sicily together will produce 23.6 million hectoliters in 2014, nearly 60% of all Italian wine. In Tuscany, as in the rest of the country, the climate has not granted respite, with a mild winter 2013 -2014, during which the temperature never dropped below 0 °, which was followed by one of the coolest and most rainy summers from 1800.


    The main vine and grape diseases (downy mildew, powdery mildew and botrytis) have found an optimal environment for their development.
    This has forced producers to act with adequate and repeated treatments against the virulence of the attacks that, where not blocked, have decimated the quantity and quality.
    Most of the wineries have been forced to make a strict selection of the grapes on the vines and a careful selection in the cellar, which has lowered the quantity of the product to protect the quality.
    Walking among the vine rows, particularly in the DOCG areas, the amount of clusters to the ground was evident.?The above implies that the quality in 2014 will cost more because, in addition to the increasing costs of the repeated treatments in the vineyards, it forced producers to renounce to a substantial amount of production to obtain quality wines.


    Italian wine is still the world's best-seller. The data on exports processed by Assoenologi for the first half of 2014 recorded an additional increase in both value and volume, mainly due to the expansion of bottled wine and the brilliant performance of the classic premium wines (Tuscany and Piedmont) and sparkling wines, which increased, mainly thanks to Prosecco, by more than 15.6% in value and 20.1% in volume.


    Source: Assoenologi – www.assoenologi.it


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  • Here's the Zio Baffa!

    ...the film Bella Vita in a glass.

    There are moments you would like to never end. The time of filming Bella Vita. Not actors but real people. A surfer. A trip to Italy. A success. And now a brand for a wine that represents and continues the spirit of this project. But who is the Zio Baffa?



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  • With soil between the fingers

    ...and waves under the feet.

    So many souls for one soul, the one of Piergiorgio Castellani. Not only a wine producer among the leading in Italy but a particular and complex personality. A way of being and feeling life that seems to lead him constantly to excellence in his work. The attachment to the land where grows his vines, the deep connection with nature, a spirit dedicated to introspection, the strong passion for surfing are aspects of him well outlined in the large article-interview with the magazine L'Italo-Americano.



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  • Castellani, 110 years

    A milestone that will be reached with the end of the year.

    With the end of 2013, the Castellani family celebrates 110 years of history.

    More than a century of work and dedication to Tuscan wine and viticulture lived through 5 generations that have largely contributed to make the Chianti one of the most famous and sought-after wines in the world.

    Today, the company remains firmly in the hands of the family and continues to look to the future with optimism, always looking for new ideas and new markets where to make known the amazing Italian  wine and food culture, one of the true excellence that make our country unique.

    Proud to have reached this milestone and looking forward, let's make a toast wishing happy holidays and happy new year to us and to you.


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  • A star is born!

    ...and the constellation of the Castellani estates shines more and more.

    It is so, a new light is kindled in the constellation of the Castellani estates. The family has in fact recently acquired a new vineyard of approximately 20 hectares in the area of the Pisan Hills.

    "Le Tagliate", this is its name, is located within the Santa Lucia Estate. The cultivation of this vineyard, totally of organic management, therefore, enters by right to be part of the ambitious project Castellani Bio and represents a good opportunity in the research on Ciliegiolo grape, a typical variety of Chianti grapes that is giving excellent results also in purity, especially in the vineyards near the Tuscan coast.

    In this regard, our aim concerns the production of a new Ciliegiolo 100% collected according to the canons of the late harvest with a slight drying on the vine.

    We can already say that the first vintage of this wine is producing excellent results. Completed its fermentation in fact, it comes with a excellent structure, a pleasant natural sweetness and an intense color. We are also working on the graphic design of the bottle and we expect to present this novelty at Vinitaly 2014.


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Special : Awards

Tenuta Santa Lucia

The vineyard of Santa Lucia Estate is located about 100m above sea level at the intersection of the Arno and the Era Valleys on ancient downspouts land consisting of layers of tufaceous sands and gravel; a land which reveals at times the meeting between the river and the sea, which is now located about 25 kilometers to the west, also rich in stone and fossil shells.



Focus on : Wine

Bianco Toscana IGT - Ceppaiano

Straw yellow colour with golden reflections. Bouquet, intensively aromatic wine with floral notes. Taste, excellent structure, soft and creamy, suitable for long ageing in bottle. Taste of litchi fruits, typically associated to the Traminer grape. Excellent with all seafood and white meats, preferably spicy.



Spot : Art

Letters to Extra Pontem

It is certainly not something new the special focus on culture by the company. So the decision to sponsor the event-show "Lettere a Extra Pontem" tied to the concept of territorial identity. We offered a tasting of our "Santa Lucia Toscano", an organic wine that particularly stands out thanks to an innovative and "sustainable" packaging. Itself product with a strong bond with the territory.

"Lettere a Extra Pontem" is a choral performance of the district "fuori del ponte" aimed to combine the realities present in the city's social environment (October 10 to 12 2014 at Pontedera Teatro Era). A final act of the project called "Extra Pontem", which began in October 2013 through workshops for students and young people, through interviews, concerts, lectures and meetings with groups and associations, to build a network of new relationships between the theater and the district where it is located, to bring out stories that enhance relationships and accentuate the sense of belonging and identity. Integral part of the project is the photographic work of Simone Rocchi titled "Faces of a neighborhood" exhibited in the courtyard of the Teatro Era.


Project of Comune di Pontedera, created and produced by Fondazione Pontedera Teatro with the contribution of Regione Toscana. Artistic direction of Anna Stigsgaard.





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