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  • Wine fairs 2015, final report

    Great satisfaction and excellent opportunities.

    Once again this year our company had excellent business opportunities during the most important International wine and spirits Exhibitions we attended. The Prowein in Dusseldorf, the Vinitaly in Verona, the London Wine Fair and finally the Vinexpo in Bordeaux. During these fairs we met many buyers, journalists and importers from all around the world at our stand. We registered a further growing interest in our wines… this gives us great satisfaction and proves that our philosophy and the way we work are successful.


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  • Castellani @ EXPO Milano 2015

    With the Consorzio Vino Chianti

    Present at Milano Expo 2015 with the Consorzio Vino Chianti, Hall dedicated to the Italian Wine Experience. http://www.vino2015.com/en In that space and in the pavilion dedicated to Tuscany you will be able to taste our CASTELLANI Chianti DOCG Riserva 2011, for the whole period of the EXPO 2015 (6 months). Soon we will be able to inform you about the exact location of our wine in the "Enodispenser", from which you can pour our Chianti DOCG Riserva at the perfect temperature for tasting.


    Below the interview with Piergiorgio Castellani, for the company Castellani SPA, for space in Milan Expo c/o Consorzio Vino Chianti.


    A story into the wine. Over a hundred years connects Castellani family and Tuscan wine. A deep bond of passion for the land and the desire to do business by transforming the knowledge of the territory and of viticulture in an everyday practical know-how.


    «With the first grape harvests, I realized that the wine is a mystery and a gift that requires the deep sense of Nature in all its forms and manifestations. Wine is something more than just a drink, it is a nourishment; it is the product of a culture and when it reaches its highest expression is able to condense, in a vegetable juice, the spirit of a place, a person, sometimes of an entire family»


    This is the synthesis of the thought that has moved, from the beginning, the work of Piergiorgio Castellani.


    "For EXPO Milano we chose a classic, probably the most famous and important classic Italian wine: Chianti. Of this wine we selected our Riserva that is aged in traditional casks to offer a version with more complexity and power than the basic Chianti.


    Visitors will seize its uniqueness: only in Tuscany you can get this wine from grapes mainly Sangiovese, with its unique scent, its unique taste... the story of Castellani family is firmly related to Tuscany and to the Chianti.


    Our Chianti DOCG Riserva is an excellent pairing to all the best Mediterranean dishes, simple cuisine but full of flavor. Chianti is a wine for every meal that enhances even the everyday dishes like pizza and pasta.


    The company Castellani gave birth to a real corporate culture around the concept of sustainability. It is not enough to talk about it, but you need to study, learn and understand what stands for a word and a concept extremely complex and evolving like sustainability.
    EXPO is indeed a great opportunity to learn and fully understand which one is the most sustainable way for the future.»


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  • News from Vinitaly 2014

    A new estate, her new wines and a very special packaging

    Presented the Santa Lucia "Toscano" with sustainability & innovative packaging called "Helix" and the "Ciliegiolo". Organic wines of our new Santa Lucia Estate. Helix is a "twist to open" solution, a perfect combination between a special ergonomically designed cork and a glass bottle with an internal thread placed in the neck of the bottle that allows the manual opening, without effort, with a simple and easy rotation movement. After opening, the bottle can be resealed in the same way.



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  • Castellani Spa at Vinitaly 2013

    From April 7 to 10, pav. 7B, stand I1/L1.

    It's growing the waiting for Vinitaly. The Verona event (this year scheduled from April 7 to 10) remains an essential point of reference for operators, especially in this sales situation.

    This year there is a growing expectation for this edition of Vinitaly.

    The Verona festival (in April, from 7 to 10) remains a point of reference for operators, especially in the actual situation of sales: with an internal market in suffering because of the strong economic and political uncertainty, with outlets foreign consolidated (United States, Germany, etc.) maintaining positions, and the emerging countries (especially the much-mythologized China) which represent a disturbing and varied mosaic of great opportunities, the general scenario, however, seems not too easy for exploitation.

    Of course, Castellani Spa will be present with its products at pavilion 7B, stands I1/L1.

    For more information, please checkout: www.vinitaly.it


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  • Castellani in London... IWF '12

    The London International Wine Fair is a valuable opportunity to meet all of the world's best producers and taste their wines. Again this year, Castellani wines were presented in the prestigious area set up by Bibendum Wine UK. Special interest was aroused by the wines of Tenuta di Ceppaiano that thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of the Bibendum team are enjoying growing success in the UK market and beyond ...



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Special : Awards

Tenuta di Ceppaiano

The Ceppaiano Estate was born in 2005. Initially conceived as an extension of the Poggio al Casone vineyards and location of the new winery, it afterwards becomes an independent estate as a result of subsequent land acquisitions that differ from those of Poggio al Casone for the prevalence of alluvial sands arranged on foothill heights overlooking the coast.



Focus on : Wine

Maremma Toscana DOC - Guadalmare

Maremma DOC is a fast-rising star on the Italian wine scene. Based on the Supertuscan blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. Ruby red colour tending to garnet with ageing. Bouque, fruitiness with notes of cherries and white chocolate. Taste, great complexity, dry, warm with balsamic finish.



Spot : Art

New artistic look for Novello 2013

Waiting for our Burchino Novello Toscana IGT 2013, in October, in meantime we present the exclusive label. This year, the artist who "dresses" our Novello 2013 of Burchino Estate is (nothing less than!) Ugo Nespolo. Painter and sculptor of international fame, multi-talented artist, designer, illustrator, bibliophile, filmmaker, Nespolo is one of the masters of contemporary art in the world.




Biological control in the vineyards

Mating disruption as a method to stop the action of an insect that is very damaging to grapes: the grape berry moth. Andrea Lucchi, entomologist, professor at the University of Pisa, studied for a long time the way to fight pests.





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