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About us 

The key to making wine in the third millennium.

Quality and Sustainability

Energy - 100% of energy we use is from renewable resources NDV certified. Castellani follows a “Zero Waste” program recycling all possible waste and purifying polluted water.


Environmently Appropriate - 100% of paper we use for our label is FSC certified and is produced from raw material obtained throught a responsible management of world’s forest.


Socially Beneficial - Since 2003 our Vineyards host an official program of ethical and rehabilitative agricolture.


Biological Vineyards  - 100% of our vineyars are biologically certified or in transition to Biological Agriculture. Castellani substain an important project of Byodinamic production.


Certified Quality of Production Process - Our production process is constantly monitored to comply the higher standards of quality: ISO 9001:2008, IFS, BRC.


Scientific Research - In our vineyards we host official research programs on germplasm preservation aim to develop strategies and technologies to preserve plant genetic in ex situ gene banks.


Note: Castellani winery can provide more informations, documentation and official certificates on each indicated issue.

  • History

    Over 100 years.

    The Castellani’s business was established in Montecalvoli at the end of the 19th century as Alfred, long-standing wine grower, decides to start bottling and selling his wine. In 1903 the business is officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Pisa.



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  • Philosophy

    Concepts for wines expression.

    Since 1903 my family has been exporting its own finest Estate wines from Tuscany. We have changed and evolved over the decades, but throughout the years the philosophy of our work has remained consistent: "The quality of the wine begins in the vineyard", as my ancestors used to say...



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  • Team

    Learn about the team members one by one.

    A mixed group consists of several generations, where the experience of the oldest comes alive with the vitality and spirit of young people, where there is serious but there are spaces for the irony.



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  • Higher level certifications of quality

    Very prestigious and internationally required by all retailers

    Again this year the Castellani company has obtained all the official certifications essential for companies operating in the food industry: HACCP, ISO, BRC and IFS. Cert. IFS n 2014-2164 Castellani, Cert. BRC n. 2014-3223 Castellani, Cert. ISO9001 Castellani. In particular the last two are internationally required by all major retailers and, if obtained with a good score, are very prestigious.



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Special : Awards

Tenuta di Ceppaiano

The Ceppaiano Estate was born in 2005. Initially conceived as an extension of the Poggio al Casone vineyards and location of the new winery, it afterwards becomes an independent estate as a result of subsequent land acquisitions that differ from those of Poggio al Casone for the prevalence of alluvial sands arranged on foothill heights overlooking the coast.



Focus on : Wine

Sangiovese IGT - Arbos

Arbos is an higher quality of Sangiovese "in purezza" produced on hilly vineyards sloping down to the sea and partially aged in barriques. Ruby red colour with garnet reflections. Elegant and fruity bouquet with hints of pepper and wild cherry. Full bodied, round and perfumed, easy to drink.



Spot : Art

Castellani sponsor of UniversoCorto

Castellani also this year sponsors UniversoCorto Elba film festival, offering its wine to the guests during the various presentation evenings and the gala evening for the awards.

UniversoCorto is an international festival of short films and documentaries reserved to undergraduate and post-graduate students and enrolled in cinema schools, which boasts illustrious presidents including Roberto Faenza, Oliviero Toscani, Marco Bellocchio, and a equally prestigious jury.

The 2013 edition takes place in Portoferraio (Isola d'Elba, Tuscany) from July 30 to August 2, and will be accompanied by some special side events including a photo exhibition on Pasolini of the photographer Mario Dondero. This year is the well-known Sardinian fashion designer Antonio Marras * to preside over the jury. He is also the author of the beautiful illustration printed on the poster.




*Antonio Marras born in 1961 is a well-known Italian fashion designer that emerged in the international fashion world for his original creations and an absolutely personal style. His reputation is now also linked to the fact that for his merits he has been appointed artistic director of the French fashion brand Kenzo. Strongly lover of art, thanks to his creativity, has organized several exhibitions and cultural events with artistic and social implications and has realized costumes for theater.





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