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Sustainability and innovative packaging 

A special solution for the new organic wine Toscano Santa Lucia

At Vinitaly 2014 we presented the "Toscano", an organic wine made from Sangiovese and Ciliegiolo of our new Santa Lucia Estate. A fresh vintage red with fruity characteristics that goes well with Mediterranean cuisine.

But the novelty of the "Toscano" is in the packaging that uses an original and innovative solution "twist to open" which is called HELIX™, a perfect combination between a special ergonomically designed cork and a glass bottle with an internal thread placed in the neck of the bottle that allows the manual opening, without effort, with a simple and easy rotation movement.

Also, after opening, the bottle can be resealed in the same way, getting a perfect closing to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the wine.

"We chose HELIX™ because it represents the ideal solution for an organic wine bottling, focusing on sustainability and reduction of energy and CO² - said Pier Giorgio Castellani, Sales Manager of Castellani Spa - We want to offer our international clients a solution of uncorking to which they are accustomed - the screw cap - with the particularity of the realization in cork which refers to the tradition of Tuscan wine. We firmly believe that in addition to the quality of the product, the packaging is also a strong element of competitiveness, of distinction and recognition on the market."




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