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Wines with moderate alcohol content 

A new trend.

There are no more doubts, now. After the fashion of full-bodied wines with high alcohol content, the new trend, that is spreading more and more on an International level, is for fresh wines with moderate alcohol.

A tendency which is also a necessity dictated by increasingly restrictive rules in terms of alcohol tolerance and a growing demand for  easy drinking wines that can be matched with food. A wine with moderate alcohol content does not exceed 12% alcohol by volume.

The real challenge, however, is a wine low in alcohol where all organoleptic characteristics ,the scents and the aromas are preserved.

Cellar procedures, such as dealcoholisation, that  require a physical and invasive intervention on the structure of the wine, even to lower the alcohol level by a couple of points, do produce an evident  loss of the profile of the wine and its sensory characteristics.

A good lighter wine comes from the vineyard with specific cultivation techniques and is completed in the cellar with targeted interventions during vinification.

At Castellani we guessed the trend of this type of wine many years ago and spent  a lot of energies in selecting very special varietals to produce what is now a unique and  stylish wine, rich in spices and  flavors and especially rich in history: our GRAND NOIR form Poggio al Casone vineyard that already marks a record of interest in its second year of production, not only from our loyal customers, but also from the International press. Want to learn more?

Here is the link of the estate: www.poggioalcasone.com and below the complete info on this wine.




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