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Wine: the Italian one is unrivaled  

...and Traminer White is the coolest.

Italy is the country in the world that exports more wine and continue growing on International markets. The Italian wine still has no rivals for the diversity of its labels and  for their ability to pair with dishes from different cultures as well.

A capacity recognized by 80% of wine lovers who have put the combination of the Indian Tandoori chicken with the aromatic Gewurztraminer varietal at first place, a wine that pairs perfectly also with the sweet-and-sour pork and fried rice.

The Gewurztraminer won the first place in India, too, where 46% of local wine lovers prefers to pair it with Tandoori chicken and other delicious spicy foods .

We at Castellani are also great lovers of International cuisine and Asian traditional food  in particular and for this reason we propose you a Ceppaiano Traminer-Trebbiano 2012, the second vintage of this  rare white "Super Tuscan" with elegant aromatic notes and bold Tuscan body... want to learn more about this wine?

Here is the link of the estate: www.ceppaiano.comand below the complete info on this wine.




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