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“Bella Vita” World Premiere 

The film also shot in the Poggio al Casone estate debuts at San Sebastian Film Festival

The time has come. Bella Vita will World Premiere at the 61st Annual San Sebastian Film Festival on September 22nd 2013, held in Donostia-San Sebastian Spain, one of the most important cinema festivals in the world.

Shot in both 35mm film and high-definition the picture captures the beauty of Italy, the warmth of its people and above all their great passion.


Jason Baffa (the film maker) and Chris Del Moro (the protagonist) have joined together to give life to this project with the aim of exploring the blossoming of Italian surfing scene, for the first time documented by an international team.

Both born from Italian fathers, Del Moro and Baffa spent three months traveling through the Italy on a quest to reconnect with their Italian heritage and study how a land of so old tradition is embracing the modern surfing culture.


At age 30, Del Moro has already made a great career chasing the world’s best waves, Bella Vita finds him at a transition in life with an urge to find a deeper meaning to his travels and life experiences.

The film captures his journey and explores the importance of family in the Italian culture. It also exposes to the world, that against popular belief, there are world-class waves in the Mediterranean Sea.


And the Castellani Company? What is its role in all this?

Well, last year Piergiorgio Castellani got in touch with Jason Baffa, who wished to create this documentary film and seeking sponsors. Piergiorgio fascinated by the project, invites him to visit Poggio al Casone, the biological farm of the Castellani family. The Estate proves to be the ideal scenario to elicit the magic of Tuscany and work in contact with nature. So for over three months the estate becomes one of the locations of the shooting besides being a logistics base for the movie.


For more information visit www.bellavitafilm.com

San Sebastian Film Festival website:  www.sansebastianfestival.com



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