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New artistic look for Novello 2013 

A work of Ugo Nespolo enhances the label 2013 of Burchino Novello Toscana IGT

Waiting for our Burchino Novello Toscana IGT 2013, in October, we present the exclusive label.


Assuming that, as ever since its first vintage, labels of our Novello have been designed by great artists, also through this wine we keep in constant relationship with art, first because it attracts us and second because at the same time contributes to give prestige to the fruits of our work.

This year, the artist who "dresses" our Novello 2013 of Burchino Estate is (nothing less than!) Ugo Nespolo.


Painter and sculptor of international fame, multi-talented artist, designer, illustrator, bibliophile, filmmaker, Nespolo is one of the masters of contemporary art in the world.


Ugo Nespolo made his debut on the Italian art scene in the 60s with influences of Pop Art and a close militancy with Conceptual and Arte Povera, landing in a short time at the Galleria Schwarz in Milan that boasts artists likes Duchamp, Picabia, Schwitters, Arman and Enrico Baj. With the latter comes a great friendship and together held exhibitions, conferences in Europe and the United States.

His most important exhibition, entitled “Nove per un percorso!” Will be held in Rome.

Ugo Nespolo with his production characterized by strong transgressive emphasis, ironic and apparent sense of fun, also lend his talents to the "film canvas" exploring in the 70s, also this medium of expression successfully.

A fundamental moment to mention is the encounter with the artists of the New American Cinema (Jonas Mekas, Warhol, Yoko Ono, P. Adam Sitney) from which he draws inspiration to kick off the "experimental cinema" in Italy, as documented in the exhibition  “Nespolo Cinema / Time after Time” at Museo del Cinema in Turin. The films of Nespolo were screened and discussed in major museums around the world including the Centre Pompidou, the Musee National du Cinéma in Paris...

Nespolo is currently the "higher Italian pataphysics* authority". He founded with Baj the Istituto Patafisico Ticinese.


Biographical notes and insights of Ugo Nespolo on the artist's website: www.nespolo.com


We thank the international festival Sete Sóis Sete Luas for granting the image of the work which also appears on their playbill. In the logic of having an image coordinated between the festival and our wine that is offered every year during the tour.


* Pataphysics is the science of imaginary solutions, of the particular and the laws that govern the exceptions " conceived and theorized in the late nineteenth century from French writer A. Jarry, such as deformation parody of modern scientific thinking, through the affirmation of the absolute freedom of the artist.




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