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Not only creativity, but good living 

On June 2 opens the Project Materia Prima at Ceppaiano with a solo exhibition of sculptor Walter Sardi.

«What is Materia Prima? A life philosophy based on the concept that creativity must be transformed into health and natural food, our raw material (in Italian "materia prima"), will be the gold of the future. An ambitious project aimed to relate the ideas with a new way of living close to nature and sustainable crop production where the expectation and attention become a new dimension of knowledge».


It is certainly not easy to summarize a "mission" that comes from a vision, but Piergiorgio Castellani, of the homonymous successful wine company and creator of Materia Prima, certainly has clear the objective of this new project in which he is involved with a group of creatives in various fields of contemporary art and new technologies.

This heterogeneous group supports the idea that it is possible to create an experimental laboratory where to give birth to cutting-edge projects that are intended to promote a growth model that retrieves the dimension of "farmer", the one based on the reality of the facts, a dimension in which we go back to use the heart as seat of intelligence and will.


«The Materia Prima Foundation that supports the project - says Castellani - was born three years ago from the desire of the Castellani family to gather brilliant minds around the theme of the rediscovery of a certain way of thinking tied to the land, its production, the time that it requires to achieve a quality result. We started to analyze our tradition and ask questions about why the growth model that has been proposed in modern times is in crisis.»


Pin of this project was the realization of the Ceppaiano cellar, a few steps from Crespina.


Here, in fact, an almost uncultivated land has been transformed into a farm of excellence where found place important vines of the Tuscan tradition and a modern cellar for vinification and aging of wines that have already received worldwide recognition; the Ceppaiano wine cellar born from the outset also as an art gallery and, above all, as a "factory" destined to become a meeting and discussion place and headquarters of the Foundation.


A place that brings together the many stories of artists, artisans, farmers and traders, all considered as daughters of a single raw material they have in common on the basis of a new form of creativity. Everything at Ceppaiano is not random, as the date of the inauguration: a symbolic choice also linked to freedom of expression and the strength of the rights and duties of citizenship.


The three-year course of  Materia Prima will be inaugurated, just 2 June from 17 to 20, by a permanent exhibition of sculptures by Walter Sardi, Tuscan artist, who died in 2006, a unique event where natural elements such as iron, wood and glass forged by the genius of the artist meet the green of Chianti vineyards.



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