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Let's discover the secrets of harvest 2012 

We expect a very good harvest

This summer, the general climatic situation, has seen descending on the Peninsula a slew of intense heat waves that were called Charon, Minos, Cerberus, monstrous mythological figures, which have put a strain on our physical resistances and our water resources. But in spite of what one would expect, a dehydration of the plants, our grapes were sufficiently protected by the foliage of the vine that, in line with the principles of natural farming, we left quite lush. As a natural umbrella, the leaves have protected the grapes.


The grapes are healthy and at a good level of maturity. The phenolic maturation had slowed down during the weeks of August, but thanks to the recent rains, has resumed its course.


Ultimately there were no particular problems in any of our estates due to the heat and drought of August. Thanks to the rains of the last few days we also expect good yields, and ultimately, we can say with relief and satisfaction, that we expect a very good harvest.



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