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Castellani interviewed by "Wine of the Month Club" 

These wines are great, the interview was great... what else is there?

Piergiorgio Castellani interviewed by Paul Kalemkiarian, President of the "Wine of the Month Club", club specialized in value-oriented wines.

Each month they taste over 400 Italian wines, German wines, California wines, Argentinean wine, Chilean wines, and wines from all the other regions of the world and they only select 2 to represent the best wine values in the world.

Piergiorgio ranges on many topics. He talks about the success of the Wine Tour through the United States to present the Castellani wines, recounts about the Castellani family in the ancient tradition of wine production. He tells the story of the "fiasco", the bottle that has a particular shape and that contributed to the fame of Chianti in the world ... and introduces his son, the next generation. In the end he talks about the Super Tuscans and all his wines.


Watch the video:


Castellani On Wine Of The Month Club




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