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At the starting blocks, the harvest begins 

The harvest 2012

The moment before the harvest, the one where you take the decision to harvest grapes, is very important. There aren't only certain data and calculated risks, but also unpredictable situations and vagaries of the weather. There are no certainties, but through the time you learn to know each vineyard, to feel, to try and empathize with plants, understanding their needs and the right time.


The work of the winemaker is fascinating, you must be very sensitive and attentive, acquire the ability to understand and interpret, you must be able to call into question your own decisions and choices, have the courage to follow your instinct, have clear ideas on the result that you want to obtain.


So came one of the most exciting moments, the harvest. This week we start with Traminer, Trebbiano of the Ceppaiano Estate and Lancellotta and Merlot of the Travalda Estate, then we'll continue with the grapes Gamay and Merlot of the Burchino Estate-Boccanera vineyard destined to the production of Novello 2012.




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