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A normal day, not "ordinary" 

Everyday moments of one of us...

I arrive atthe company at 8.30 a.m. In the "normal" world this time is dedicated to the "goodmorning" between colleagues, to the first cup of coffee before the daily rush.


In a winery   this is different, has a special charm... The bottling noise is the first sound that accompanies me  immediately before the first "hello" to Andrea, the agronomist, who is about to begin his tour among the guys who work in the vineyard. Sabino, the winemaker, passes from the cellar to the bottling to check that everything is perfect.


I'm going to sit down when the girls of the sales department arrive, they have just received an urgent request to be dispatched as soon as possible... and they are already at full speed.


I stop for one second, we seem many industrious little ants... Then look out. The vineyard, the company: " this is the life we love - I think - and we can't do without it." And I start to work with satisfaction.




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