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Seasonal Report 2011 

2011 in Castellani Estates, seasonal report.


Winter: heavy and incessant rainfalls and even some snow right before Christmas
Spring: the budding starts during the first half of April, the fruit set has completed at the beginning of June, the health status of the grapes is perfect due to the scarcity of rainfalls in the period.
Summer: the veraison is completed at the beginning of August, with some days in advance compared to the average, the maturation process has an extremely rapid evolution thanks to a very prolonged phase of high pressure 
The harvest: an early harvest starts on 25th August in Ceppaiano Estate, and finishes during the first week of October in Campomaggio Estate. The grapes are picked in optimal health status and with a good maturation even if there is a slight hydric shortage in the acinus where the soils are drier.
The harvest 2011 in Castellani estates, has been characterized by the extraordinary sugar and phenolic maturation of Sangiovese in the Colline Pisane area and by the good quality of the grapes in the chianti classico zone, where the total absence of rainfalls during summer and fall has interfered with the maturation process. Even this year the fermentations of all our red grapes have been successfully conducted without the addition of yeasts and sulphur dioxide.



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