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Quality & Sostenibility 

100% of energy we use is from renewable resources NDV certified. Castellani follow a “Zero Waste” program recycling all possible waste and purifying polluted water.
Environmently Appropriate
100% of paper we use for our label is FSC certified and is produced from row material obtained trought a responsible management of world’s forest.
Socially Beneficial
Since 2003 our Vineyards host an official program of ethical and riabilitative agricolture.
Biological Viticulture
100% of our vineyars are Biological certified or in transition to Biological Agriculture. Castellani substain an important project of organic production.
Vertified Quality of Production Process
Our production process is constantly monitored to comply the higher standards of quality: ISO 9001:2008, IFS, BRC.
Scientific Research
In our vineyards we host official research programs on germplasm preservation aim to develope strategies and technologies to preserve plant genetic in ex situ genebanks.

Castellani winery can provide more informations, documentation and official certificates on each indicated issue.



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