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Castellani, a model to study 

A model to study for internationalization of the tuscan quality

"International Marketing Plans", this is the title of the pilot project for the international marketing wanted by the region and by Toscana Promozione for future projects of internationalization of our territories quality, which has seen the Castellani company, among ten cases to study -unique wine-making- that will help the companies to develop their actions abroad. An important recognition for the Pontedera's Company following a well-defined historical for a decade. In fact in 2001 a study of " il Sole 24 Ore" has inserted the cellar of Pontedera among 27 Companies most performing and capable of creating value in the Italian beverage, as reinforced by studies in recent years (including Mario Zambetti, Made in wine & cellars) who see Castellani firmly in the top 10 Italian wines together with superstars of the national wine scene.


"Thanks to these results - explains the sales manager Piergiorgio Castellani- and thanks to the great commitment shown by our family in promoting our territory in all the world, we obtained the support and contribution of the regional agency Toscana Promozione which added us in this project."

The results obtained by the Company and the capacity to be a model for other companies have also been underlined by Mea Consulting, the strategic and management consulting firm which has been given the development of the project by Toscana Promozione.


Our team – affirmed the Mea Consulting manager, Francesco Aimi, project manager – found in Castellani an ideal partner for the construction of an operational and strategic plan, structured and harmonious, aimed in particular at the international horizon. A company with extensive experience in foreign markets. which want to strengthen its presence in a optic of long period: Castellani well represent Tuscanity founded on the authentical values of the territory and always careful, at the same time, to take part and dialogue with the global market.

The program developed in collaboration with Toscana Promozione has allowed the company to take part to the various commercial appointments of the new year with the objective of strengthening the Castellani brand in a strategic way, not only on markerts where it has already spread – Europe and North America, but most of all in the so-called BRIC area ( Brazil, Russian, India and China) where the company has grown more.

"To consolidate and expand the market in emerging countries – Castellani says – means, in the company's intention, to consolidate the image of traditional Tuscan company with deep roots in our territory."


A very busy 2010, therefore, for the Castellani, wine-making company with 100 hectares of vineyards, specialized in production in the Valdera area (Pontedera, Crespina, Lari, Terricciola), with three vinification and bottling cellars, more than 80 employees and a holiday resort in Crespina, where every year we welcome hundreds of visitors and customers who wish to learn more about the reality of the Pisan Hills. " we have accepted this new role of official ambassadors of "made in Tuscany" in the world with great enthusiasm, concludes Piergiorgio Castellani – and we will do everything possible to promote also the Pisan Hills and the Era valley, an area so rich in food, and that today experiences a major turmoil in the wine sector also confirmed by the large investments that leading companies from other regions are doing in our hills."


From: Euposia, wine's review.



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