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Seasonal Report 2010 

The complete report of the year. The winter, the spring, the summer and the harvest 2010 in castellani estates.

Winter: the period is characterized by average seasonal temperature and very abundant rain falls, useful to restore the correct levels of ground water


Spring: the shooting starts mid-April, the fruit set of the grapes is completed only at mid-June due tothe low temperatures and the frequent rain.


Summer: the veraison is completed around mid-August with a few days delay compared to the average, the phenolic ripeness is further slowed down by low temperatures during August.


The harvest: the harvest starts on 14th September in Travalda Estate, one week later than the average, and closes on October 15th in Campomaggio Estate. Despite several days of rainfall around mid-September, the grapes are picked at good maturation and with optimal sanitary state.

The Tuscan harvest 2010 in the Castellani Estates has therefore been marked by a good quality of the grapes from the Pisan hills and for the remarkable maturation, especially the phenolic one, in the Chianti Classico production area. This year, the fermentations of our red grapes have been performed without the help of added yeasts.



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