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Living with the wine in the heart 

"... today, the visionaries who experience with crops and vines and pruning and grafting and barrels and bottles, and time are those who have honed the art, having studied the craft of making wine, who continue to study to do more and above all do better. wine production has become an almost exact science, but retains the charm and awe of the earth and the whims of sun and benevolent and threatening rain. Just nothing to frustrate the efforts of man and science instead of making wine a good harvest. Today in every cup that is empty there is the knowledge of a few and hard work of many, faith and consciousness and the dream that I have by the end of the first cluster crushed between the fingers."

Cippi Pitschen

  • Here's the Zio Baffa!

    ...the film Bella Vita in a glass.

    There are moments you would like to never end. The time of filming Bella Vita. Not actors but real people. A surfer. A trip to Italy. A success. And now a brand for a wine that represents and continues the spirit of this project. But who is the Zio Baffa?



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  • With soil between the fingers

    ...and waves under the feet.

    So many souls for one soul, the one of Piergiorgio Castellani. Not only a wine producer among the leading in Italy but a particular and complex personality. A way of being and feeling life that seems to lead him constantly to excellence in his work. The attachment to the land where grows his vines, the deep connection with nature, a spirit dedicated to introspection, the strong passion for surfing are aspects of him well outlined in the large article-interview with the magazine L'Italo-Americano.



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  • Letters to Extra Pontem

    Integration, preservation of the historical memory of the districts with a careful look at the community evolution

    It is certainly not something new the special focus on culture by the company. So the decision to sponsor the event-show "Lettere a Extra Pontem" tied to the concept of territorial identity. We offered a tasting of our "Santa Lucia Toscano", an organic wine that particularly stands out thanks to an innovative and "sustainable" packaging. Itself product with a strong bond with the territory.

    "Lettere a Extra Pontem" is a choral performance of the district "fuori del ponte" aimed to combine the realities present in the city's social environment (October 10 to 12 2014 at Pontedera Teatro Era). A final act of the project called "Extra Pontem", which began in October 2013 through workshops for students and young people, through interviews, concerts, lectures and meetings with groups and associations, to build a network of new relationships between the theater and the district where it is located, to bring out stories that enhance relationships and accentuate the sense of belonging and identity. Integral part of the project is the photographic work of Simone Rocchi titled "Faces of a neighborhood" exhibited in the courtyard of the Teatro Era.


    Project of Comune di Pontedera, created and produced by Fondazione Pontedera Teatro with the contribution of Regione Toscana. Artistic direction of Anna Stigsgaard.


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  • Our Nobile on the prestigious Vintages

    Filicheto Vino Nobile di Montepulciano in the collection of premium wines in the catalog of Canadian LCBO Monopoly.

    On the prestigious catalog Vintages of Canadian LCBO Monopoly came out a specific article that talks about the birth and evolution, the typical area and the quality of the wine of Montepulciano, a Nobile who has heart. To our Castellani Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG 2010 was dedicated the back cover and a large article in the catalog that collects the greatest premium wines selected for Fall 2014.



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  • 90/100 to Grand Noir 2012 by Tanzer

    The wine critic Ian D’Agata says and 89 to the Burchino Genius Loci Sangiovese

    Also this year the work done in the constant search for quality of our wines rewards us. 90/100 is the rating given to the Grand Noir Toscana IGT 2012 Tenuta di Poggio al Casone by a magazine known for its rigorous judgments, the Stephen Tanzer International Wine Cellar.
    Tanzer, since 1985, is the direct rival of the Wine Advocate, which fights the fiery prose with a more composed style, but with the same kind of rigour. Among the leading critics in the field of wine, Tanzer is the one closest to the consumer; This has been demonstrated by comparing  judgements on Cellar tracker, the website where every wine lover can express his opinion.
    In Italy Tanzer has a young and  very expert collaborator: Ian D'Agata, the autochthonous variety paladin, who at the moment is writing a monumental work of art on the subject. But that's not all, Ian writes for the major British wine magazine “Decanter” and teaches at the New York University.


    Here his judgment:

    Grand Noir Toscana IGT Poggio al Casone 2012
    (100% grand noir):  Deep ruby.  Spicy nuances of quinine and cinnamon accent ripe red berries on the enticing nose.  Bright and juicy, offering delicate red berry and floral flavors that linger nicely on the back end, which is smooth but vibrant thanks to lively, harmonious acidity.  Not unlike a village Burgundy even if it's less aromatic than usual owing to the very hot 2012 vintage. I'm willing to bet that no reader has ever tasted a wine made exclusively from this variety: Grand Noir is a teinturier, and to the best of my knowledge this is the first-ever estate to have made a monovarietal bottling with it. Considering how uninteresting many wines made with teinturiers are, this is really quite promising; it appears that yet another Italian native grape has been rescued from extinction.
    90 pts


    Besides the Grand Noir also another of our wines got a great judgment by the same critic, Ian D'Agata:

    Genius Loci Toscana IGT Burchino 2010
    Medium-deep ruby-red.  Spicy aromas of red cherry, sandalwood and underbrush.  Suave and juicy, with a ripe red cherry flavor complemented by delicate oaky nuances.  Finishes moderately long but with a trace of alcoholic heat.  This estate is located near Terriciola, an area that has only recently entered the quality wine sweepstakes.  The site is characterized mainly by nutrient-deficient hillside soils with a noteworthy fossil content.
    89 pt


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90+ Club

Everyone knows that wines that earn 90 points or more are truly superb wines. Only a handful of wines earn the 90+ points distinction from the top wine raters... go to our "90+ Club" wines area!



Focus on

Here's the Zio Baffa!

There are moments you would like to never end. The time of filming Bella Vita. Not actors but real people. A surfer. A trip to Italy. A success. And now a brand for a wine that represents and continues the spirit of this project. But who is the Zio Baffa?




Castellani rediscovers a vine from 1885

Total black look with silver foil on the label, the Grand Noir bottle is completely dressed in black, refined and important as is due to a kind of wine of ancient origin that finally returns to be poured and tasted in our glasses.






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